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Ground Systems Engineer

Dawn Aerospace

Dawn Aerospace

Software Engineering
Delft, Netherlands
Posted on Friday, November 10, 2023

Dawn Aerospace is recruiting a Satellite Ground Systems Engineer to join our special programs development team in the Netherlands. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to an exciting, fast-growing company in the aerospace industry and develop world-leading technology.

You will play a key role in the development of ground-based control systems and software for dynamic satellite missions. Your responsibilities include creating orbital determination and maneuver planning algorithms, crafting user-friendly front-end control interfaces, and designing the physical control center. Close collaboration with spacecraft control systems engineers is essential to achieve seamless integration across multiple spacecraft.


Develop Control Software: Write control software for sending commands to and controlling the satellite, encompassing both the front-end interfaces and back-end components. Ensure the reliability, security, and efficiency of satellite operations.

Orbital Dynamics and Flight Planning: Develop command sequences and flight dynamics software for orbital determination, maneuver planning, and satellite operations. Optimize the satellite's positioning and performance.

Design and Build Operations Control Center: Lead the design and construction of our satellite operations control center, which includes front-end GUI and control interfaces, as well as the back-end software for command generation and control.

Collaborate with On-Board Control Systems: Work closely with on-board control systems engineers to ensure seamless integration and coordination between ground and satellite-based systems.

CONOPS Design: Contribute to the design of Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for satellite missions, ensuring that ground systems align with mission objectives.

RF Engineering: A background or a moderate understanding of RF engineering would be a significant advantage, as it would enhance your ability to work with satellite communication systems and ensure effective data transfer and command reception.

  • 2+ years relevant experience
  • Strong knowledge of satellite flight dynamics principles, including orbit determination and control, and trajectory optimization.
  • Experience with the design, development, and testing of ground systems for satellites or spacecraft.
  • Experience with orbital dynamics algorithm development and implementation, including guidance algorithms and orbit maneuver planning.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot and debug complex systems.

Desired qualifications

  • Proficiency in using simulation and modelling tools such as MATLAB/Simulink or STK (Systems Tool Kit) for GNC analysis and performance evaluation.
  • Knowledge of Kalman filtering, PID controllers, estimation, and sensor fusion techniques for accurate attitude determination and orbit prediction.
  • Proficient in programming languages such as C/C++, Python, or Java for GNC software development and simulation.
  • Familiarity with RF systems and their implementation.

About Dawn Aerospace

Dawn Aerospace is a space transportation company with a purpose.
Our mission is to enable the next generation of space users by providing more sustainable and scalable ways to access and move around in space. We believe this access, in the form of a transportation network, will fundamentally change what’s possible from space. We currently focus on two areas of space transportation:

- In-space propulsion
We're a leading supplier of turnkey green propulsion systems for various classes of satellites. Our system utilise safe, accessible propellants and we have over 50 of these propulsion units on 12 operational satellites already. A further 200 units are in production.

- Space launch
Our Mk-II Aurora spaceplane demonstrator has completed 50 successful flights and we recently completed the first campaign utilising rocket engines. Mk-II is unique in that it combines the performance of a rocket and the rapid reusability and economic model of an aircraft.

Our international teams are distributed across three locations: New Zealand, the Netherlands, and the USA.

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If you think you have what it takes but are unsure that you check every box, we still want to hear from you. For any questions you might have before applying or if you would like to have a general conversation about Dawn Aerospace, you can contact our Recruiter, Anna Thouvenin at a.thouvenin@dawnaerospace.com.