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Auror is the platform for retailers to prevent crime, reduce loss, and make stores safer. It does this by transforming intel reported by frontline teams into intelligence - intelligence that removes offender anonymity and enables teams to safely prevent crime.
Based in New Zealand and the Netherlands, Dawn Aerospace is building same-day reusable launch vehicles and non-toxic satellite propulsion systems. Same-day Reusable Launch Vehicles that do not require specialised space-launch infrastructure, integrate with everyday aircraft in nearby airspace and launch as often and routinely as commercial aviation. Non-toxic high performance propulsion systems for satellites of all sizes. For small satellites, they simplify systems and replace the poisonous and highly-regulated fuel, hydrazine. For CubeSats, they increase capabilities by supplying 1,000x higher performance than electric-based propulsion systems. By building these technologies in tandem, Dawn is creating the end-to-end architecture required for delivering, positioning and returning spacecraft in a highly scalable and environmentally conscious way.
Easy Crypto is New Zealand’s fastest, easiest and safest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency.
Flowingly is a beautifully simple process management & workflow automation platform. As a "no code"​ application, it allows anyone to model and publish business processes as apps to end users. No tech skills required. Flowingly is trusted by 100,000+ users at innovative companies globally. We're improving processes and driving digital transformation across government, education, healthcare, manufacturing and enterprise organizations.
Formus Labs provides a cloud-platform that brings together surgeons and engineers with cutting edge computational biomechanics to streamline the custom prosthesis design process.
Foundry Lab is pioneering Digital Metal Casting. The Foundry Lab System produces production quality casted metal parts in hours, not weeks, in-house. This approach enables hands-free casting, leapfrogging 3D metal printing to rapidly produce real parts with functionally equivalent properties to traditional cast metal at a fraction of the time, cost and environmental impact.
JUNOFEM builds a tech-enabled medical device to help women improve their pelvic floor health.
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At Osho, we are working tremendously hard to radically accelerate the clean-energy revolution. We want to create an enduring positive impact for the planet, the people that inhabit it, and the future generations who will depend on it. Our first leap towards fulfilling this purpose is to redesign the electrical infrastructure that homes depend on. It's a small step in our master plan, but an important one if society is to simultaneously accelerate efforts to combat climate change and dampen rising household costs. To get there, we are developing highly desirable hardware products by applying systems-level thinking to solve complex, multi-dimensional and human-centered problems. It has been an enjoyable but extremely challenging journey so far. But innovative hardware will not be our only trick. Osho will redefine the interface of the home, sit at the forefront of ambient computing, and effortlessly bring a human warmth to tepid technology.
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Get company-wide visibility across sales, projects and the people needed to deliver them. Navigate planning, tracking, and forecasting in real-time, single connected solution. Created in 2018 by a team of experienced startup founders, Runn is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand.
Shuttlerock empowers marketers to create without compromise, delivering world-class digital creative faster and easier than ever before. By combining in-house talent with a powerful technology platform, we streamline every step of the process and deliver creative built for your brand and optimized for every platform, audience and objective. Our Creative as a Service solution is designed to meet the challenges of a complex and rapidly-changing digital landscape. Providing flexibility and scale at a fixed monthly cost, marketers can finally get all of the creative they need to drive game-changing business impact. Founded in 2011, Shuttlerock operates in 30+ languages and are Official Creative Partners with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok and Hulu. The company has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Austin, London, Berlin, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Auckland and Nelson, New Zealand.
Spotlight Reporting provides leading accountants with a great range of reporting and forecasting options that save time and effort while delivering clarity for decision making. We have four award-winning cloud-based business intelligence tools, designed specifically for accountants looking to transform the way they deliver advisory services to their clients. We import data from leading financial and non-financial software products - including Xero, Sage, QuickBooks and MYOB - to automatically create powerful dashboards, reports, three-way forecasts and multi-entity consolidations.
StretchSense motion capture gloves use capacitive sensing systems to deliver unparalleled hand and finger tracking that faithfully records a performer's hand expression and nuance. Combined with our pose detection centered software solution, Hand Engine, you can capture nuance such as knuckle bend and metacarpal distortion directly from your performer. This gives you a significant headstart on your production pipeline by saving weeks of clean up time.